Hello everyone & thank you for your interest in my business. These are just a few examples of works I have completed.

Ombre style with cascading flowers. Vanilla flavored cake with swiss meringue buttercream, and salted caramel filling.
Semi naked cake with gold leaf and floral accents. Topped with an Italian meringue buttercream, and apricot drip.

Black and white striped chocolate cake. Gold luster drip, topped with a sugar sail, and white floral accents.
Pink and white striped brown butter cake with raspberry compote filling. Topped with a pale pink peony, white chocolate drip.
Rosette style swiss meringue cupcakes

Lemon cake with swiss meringue buttercream icing and gold luster drip. Topped with white and pink floral accents.
Naked vanilla cake with a chocolate ganache filling.
Sweet 16 cake with hidden money box on top. Browned butter cake with swiss meringue icing. Chocolate sphere decor painted tiffany blue and rose gold.
Baby shower vanilla cupcakes with strawberry compote and salted caramel. American style buttercream topped off with a metallic painted chocolate sphere. Decorative band of sprinkles around the base.
Tuxedo cake with a marbled fondant decorative peony with pink and gold greenery.

Square white cake with swiss meringue buttercream, accented with gold painted fondant medallions.
Fondant covered white cake, with gold luster drip and brushed styling.

Vanilla cupcakes with a blackberry filling. White buttercream rose decor
Red velvet semi naked cake with swiss buttercream, and white chocolate drip down from flowers. Cream cheese filling.

Red velvet cake with italian meringue buttercream, with stenciled gold accents. Chocolate and gold luster toppers.
Burgundy striped vanilla cake with luster dust painted rosettes.

Swiss meringue strawberry cake with a cookie butter filling, topped with a chocolate ganache drizzle and fresh strawberries.
Multi tired cake with middle layer fondant band and pearl strands. Italian meringue buttercream on the top and bottom layers. Cornflower blue fondant for the middle tier.
Lemon cake with a lemon curd filling. Swiss meringue buttercream with a pink drip. Topped with a sugar glass bowl, trimmed in gold luster paint.

Buttercream and fondant detailing. Painted marshmallow mums in the center.
Fondant covered cake with black fondant striping. White cake with a caramel and strawberry compote filling. Accented with florals and greenery.
Swiss buttercream rose cupcakes. Added some extra detailing to include the flowers with stamens.
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